Allocation of Places

Places will be offered to parents on a first come first served basis, provided that the Nursery can accommodate the days, sessions and age of the child without exceeding the staff-child ratios or the quota of children set by the Local Authority. Priority will be given to either single parents or parents who have work commitments in the unlikely event where two parents were to apply for the same place at the same time.


On enrolment of a child the parent will be required to pay a deposit that will be refunded when the child leaves the nursery provided that one month’s notice is given. The parent will at that time be asked to complete an Enrolment Form and be given two copies of the Parental Contract which sets out the Nursery’s terms and conditions. Both copies of the Contract should be signed, one copy returned to the Nursery and the other copy retained by the Parent.

Settling Period

In the week preceding the child’s first full session in the Nursery, a parent or guardian is requested to visit the Nursery on three occasions. The first is a half hour session that we would ask the parent or guardian to stay with the child and the second and the third session will last an hour and a half and we would ask that the child is unaccompanied at these sessions. This is a necessary requirement in introducing the child to the Nursery staff to facilitate a positive relationship from the outset and gain the child’s trust. This process may take longer depending on the needs of the child.