Quality of Care

As Elmwood is set in an old house it has a real family atmosphere, our children are cared for in a loving and nurturing environment, ‘a home away from home’. The children thrive on the positive relationships between staff, children and parents which help ensure they develop into happy, confident and successful learners.
As a parent myself I know how important child safety is, as adults we have a duty to ensure the safety of our little ones, protecting their innocence without jeopardising their sense of freedom and natural curiosity. We have a two tier security system, not only is the nursery building secure at all times but the grounds themselves are fully secured  with a CCTV and buzzer entry system so our parents can rest assured that their children can play, learn and explore safely.

In order to ensure we are meeting the needs of all our children we follow the GIRFEC ‘Getting It Right For Every Child’ Guidance

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What is Getting it right for every child?

It’s a consistent way for people to work with all children and young people. It’s the bedrock for all children’s services and can also be used by practitioners in adult services who work with parents or carers. The approach helps practitioners focus on what makes a positive difference for children and young people – and how they can act to deliver these improvements. Getting It Right For Every Child is being threaded through all existing policy, practice, strategy and legislation affecting children, young people and their families.

What Getting It Right For Every Child means for children, young people and their families:

  • They will feel confident about the help they are getting
  • They understand what is happening and why
  • They have been listened to carefully and their wishes have been heard and understood
  • They are appropriately involved in discussions and decisions that affect them
  • They can rely on appropriate help being available as soon as possible
  • They will have experienced a more streamlined and co-ordinated response from practitioners

What Getting It Right For Every Child means for practitioners:

  • Putting the child or young person at the centre and developing a shared understanding within and across agencies
  • Using common tools, language and processes, considering the child or young person as a whole, and promoting closer working where necessary with other practitioners

What Getting It Right For Every Child means for managers in children’s and adult services:

  • Providing leadership and strategic support to implement the changes in culture, systems and practice required within and across agencies to implement Getting It Right For Every Child
  • Planning for the transition as staff in agencies move from the current working processes to the new child-centred processes


We know how busy life is with young children so in order to maintain strong links between home and nursery we offer parents many avenues for communication.   In addition to the usual methods such as emails, news letters and daily verbal feedback, we have recently introduced an Online Profiling system which allows parents to login anytime, anywhere to a secure site to view their child’s progress and achievements, get a taste of their child's learning experiences at nursery and leave comments if they wish.